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Interested in natural nutrition?

​Bridging the Nutritional Gap​

3 hour workshop   £45

Saturday 21st March 10am – 1pm

Halton Mill, Halton. Lancaster LA2 6ND

This motivational three hour workshop costs just £45 and includes personalised diet and supplementation recommendations and a comprehensive course booklet.

We are bombarded daily with media and internet  advice on the foods we should eating or foods we should be avoiding and the latest miracle supplements, until we are so confused we end up doing nothing. As an antidote to this we bring you this essential guide to diet and supplementation. The real beauty of this workshop is that it simplifies the important information so that you get a true understanding of what you need to do to embark on the journey. Most importantly you get your own free personalised programme, purposeful supplementation advice and a booklet crammed with essential information.

For more details contact Dawn