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Seasonal Good Cheer and the Downside

We are in the midst of seasonal festivities and Christmas mayhem. The children are excited and about to break up from school. For some it is a time to look forward to and a time to celebrate with families and loved ones. Some people don’t enjoy the materialistic aspects of the season, and then there are some who experience sadness because it emphasises loneliness and grief for those who are no longer with us to share the happy times. We often seem to forget the religious significance with all of the razzmatazz going on around us. It certainly is a time for overindulgence in giving, receiving, spending, eating and drinking. Added to the fact that it is happening when the weather can be challenging and the days are short; all of this indulgence, high emotions, lack of exercise means that there is an inevitable impact on our health.

I am fairly ambivalent about Christmas myself. My family is pretty small and my Mum died on December 23rd two years ago so that in itself is very significant. We are a very small family. My son is an only child of an only child and got married in May this year. Jimmy and Kristie are taking a “megamoon” travelling round the world for 12 months. They will be celebrating Christmas in Thailand. I am joining them in Cambodia and Laos in January and I can’t wait. So, selfishly, I want Christmas to be over and done with so that I get to see them as soon as possible! In the meantime I know there will be some very pleasant times spent over the holiday period with my close neighbours as I am fortunate to live in a cohousing community at Forgebank, Halton.
So, whatever meaning you attach to Christmas for yourself and your personal circumstances I wish you well. Just remember to eat tons of vegetables with your meals and take loads of water with your drink. Here are some homeopathic remedy suggestions to see you through.


Hangover            Nux Vomica
The characteristic of this remedy is “wants to but can’t”. The person struggling after over indulging in excess alcohol, tobacco, stimulants, rich food feels ghastly, nauseous and upset and wishes they could be sick or go to the toilet for a clear out and then they would feel better. Oversensitive to everything. Irritable and liverish. Chilly. Headache. Irritable bowel.

Winter Doldrums        Aurum
S.A.D. Depressed. Low-spirited and lifeless. Sleepless. Cries in sleep. Violent pain in head worse at night. Photophobia. Trapped wind. Palpitation and high blood pressure. Worse in cold weather. Worse from sunset to sunrise. Bad breath. Mouth ulcers.

Excessive Joy/Over Excitement    Coffea
Nervousness and sensitivity. Ailments from sudden emotion, surprises, joy. Agitated and restless. Nervous palpitation. Neuralgia. Toothache that is better for cold water. Headache with tight pain and as if nail driven into the head. Skin hypersensitive. Worse for strong odours, noise.  Great for children especially when they get overexcited and giddy and won’t go to sleep before Santa comes.

Sadness                Ignatia
Effects of grief and worry. Very changeable and fractious. Melancholy. Hysteria. Merriment followed by tears. Cannot bear tobacco smoke. Pain in small spots. Feeling of a lump in the throat. Fever. Sciatica worse for cold weather. Twitching and ticks. Worse for tobacco, coffee, brandy. Worse for strong perfumes.

The worst that homeopathy can do is nothing. If these remedies don’t work for your particular condition then there will be a remedy out of our pharmacy of three and a half thousand remedies that is a closer match. It would be worth consulting a homeopathic practitioner in the New Year if the symptoms persist. Take the remedy in the 30th potency, 2 hours apart for up to 6 doses then wait and see. This can be repeated if the improvement in symptoms starts to deteriorate.