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Health on a Plate 20 hour Cert Course in Nutrition

What on earth do you eat on a daily basis to fuel your busy, demanding lifestyle?
How do you ensure a basic healthy staple diet that doesn’t cost the earth and avoids all of the processed pitfalls?
How do you know what is truly good for you and your body on all levels without falling prey to media and internet hype?




Want to learn more about how to increase your HEALTH AND HAPPINESS?

Our next 4 day certificate course in Nutritional Healing & Naturopathy is starting on Saturday 23rd April 2016 with subsequent Saturdays on May 21st. June 18th, July 16th.

10.30am till 3.30pm

Dacrelands Clinic, Owen Road/Aldren’s Lane, Lancaster LA1 2DU

This course is for absolutely anybody who is interested in living a happier and healthier life. You will leave the course knowing how to prepare a whole week’s worth of recipes, including breakfast, lunch, evening meal and sweet treats based on sound nutritional guidelines. More importantly, the course will show you how to make these changes fun and sustainable. This is not a diet. It is a way of life based upon choice. We will teach you a philosophy around health that has helped thousands of people regain and maintain fantastic health.

Over a short period of time the course will teach you a set of simple yet powerful strategies to help you create an environment where every cell in your body can thrive. Anyone and everyone can benefit. If you have a have a hectic lifestyle, feel overwhelmed, are manifesting any illness, have low energy or high anxiety, are interested in preventative medicine & health creation then this course is for you.

We will cover aspects of hydration, beneficial oils and fats and how to use them, a basic therapeutic diet, eating with the Laws of Nature and naturopathic techniques and much more.

  • No formal entry requirements
  • Offers an attendance certificate
  • Includes an informative workbook to accompany the sessions
  • No academic homework
  • Optional health questionnaire analysed by professional nutritionists

A one off payment of £265 all inclusive.
Payment instalments may be negotiated with us.

Dawn Keyse
07515 426670

Endorsed by The Nutritional Healing Foundation www.nutrihealfoundation.com
Should you wish to pursue your studies to Diploma level then £175 of this course fee is discounted from the diploma costs.